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More than 7,500 kilometres of coastline, 60 million people, Italy's regions, more than 200 types of pasta, great poets and thinkers, fashion and fine arts - and always and everywhere the Romans.

Welcome to a quick round of local history: This is Italy! Everything you need to know about Italy - facts and history, cities, media, mangiare & more.

Bella Italia is so beautiful...

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Italy's regions, towns and villages

TOP 10 - The 10 most popular villages in Italy

Rome, Venice and Florence are world-famous. But Italy's little ones are also highly sought after. The country's most popular villages... >>> more

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beach apulia
THE STIEF FROM TOP TO BOTTOM - 20 regions, one Bella Italia

A quick round of local history: the boot from top to bottom. Italy and its 20 regions, from the Aoasta Valley in the north to Sicily in the south. Italy in brief... >>> more

TOP 10 - The 10 largest cities in Italy

Rome is pompous, Florence is dolce vita, Milan is baroque and Naples is to die for: welcome to a quick city overview. From Catania to Rome: the ten greatest. >>> more

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Bella Venezia - The Curse of Beauty

The number of inhabitants is falling, the number of tourists is rising. Venice is paying a high price for its beauty. On average, three people move away every day.... >>> more

Only with ticket! - What will change in Venice from 2023?

Anyone visiting Venice from January 2023 will need a ticket. You have to order it online in advance. Exceptions apply to holidaymakers staying overnight in Venice and, of course, locals. >>> more

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trevi fountain
COINS & LOVE - Much drama at the Trevi Fountain in Rome

The world star among fountains. 26 metres high, 50 metres wide: The "Fontana die Trevi" is exemplary for splendour and pomp in Rome - and emozioni grandi... >>> more

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Italy's Mangiare

MAMMA MIA! - It's all about mangiare!

A very important topic, if not THE topic in Italy: MANGIARE. EAT! Mangiare plays an elementary role in Italy. The most important things for breakfast, lunch and dinner... >>> more

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ITALY'S GASTRONOMY - From Agriturismo to Trattoria...

The gastronomic choice in Italy is opulent. Trattoria, osteria or rosticceria: where do you get which dishes. Italian gastronomic culture in fast-forward. >>> more

PASTA, BASTA! - Top 10: Italy's most famous pasta

A plate of pasta is happiness with a meal. There are more than 600 types of pasta in Italy: do you know the ten best known? The main thing is pasta, basta. >>> more

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ravioli with sage and butter
FROM NORTH TO SOUTH - This is how delicious Italy eats

Italy from North to South: We eat our way through. The theme Mangiare is elementary in Italy, but looks very different in every region. Italy's cuisine, enjoy it - from the Aosta Valley to Sicily. >>> more

ITALY'S CUISINE - This is how hearty the Aosta Valley eats

Lots of meat, lots of cheese, cabbage and turnips - there's no pizza or pasta here. The mountain region is a paradise for hearty food. Our series: This is how Italy eats. Today: the Aosta Valley. >>> more

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The Fontina ripens in a rock room Photo: Orietta Gaspari/Getty Images Signature via

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Italy's beaches

beach in apulia
WOW! - The most beautiful beaches in Italy

More than 7,500 kilometres of coastline, almost 500 lakes! Italy's regions also spoil us with a wide selection when it comes to the sea and bathing. You can find the most beautiful beaches - awarded with the "Bandiera Blu" - in Italy here. >>> more

ITALY'S NORTH EAST - The Flower Riviera of Liguria

Italy's beach queen: Welcome to the Italian Riviera. 32 beaches in Liguria have been awarded the "Bandiera Blu". More than in any other region. >>> more

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Italy's media

SUPER SOCIAL - The TOP 10 Instagram Icons

The best of the best: the TOP 3 SOCIAL MEDIA HEROES in Italy. An ex-factory worker, a model mother and a rich early retiree.... >>> more

ALL ONLINE - 128 percent have a mobile phone

Communication is the be-all and end-all in Italy - even virtually. Why go online with just one mobile phone when you can do it with two? >>> more

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tiktok stars from italy
BEST OF - These are the TikTokers you should check out

Emozioni are definitely there, and often mangiare is also involved. No wonder that the most successful TikToker in the world comes from Italy. Here is a best of... >>> more

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Photo Auosta Valley: Orietta Gaspari/Getty Images Signature via