Italy has History: Historical & Facts!

History & Facts! Italy has history - and how! Who you'll never get past: the Romans.  In this section you will also find background information and facts on current stories.

ITALY FOREVER - 100 years lie between these photos
The longing for paradise. These (then) sensational photographs were taken a good 100 years ago. They show Italy as an enchanting dream world - in colour for the first time.
The Queen and Italy - With Glamour and Ravioli...
Italy likes "grandezza". Queen Elizabeth II (†96) travelled to Italy four times, most recently in 2014. Here is the best of glamour and faux pas.
Did you know?! - No country has more culture than Italy...
If you want to show off at your next pizza dinner, you should read on. Really good facts about Italy.
FOOTBALL - Why does Italy play in blue?
Time to clarify Italy's jersey question: Why do the Italian footballers actually play as Azzurri? Why aren't the jerseys green, white and red?
First World War - Mass Grave in Trentino
Operation Avalanche: Almost 100 soldiers died during this manoeuvre in World War 1. Now a mass grave has been discovered - thanks to a diary.
Did you know?! - THIS is how you pronounce "Maggi"...
The flavour enhancer with a global career - but almost everyone mispronounces its name. Maggi, or what is the correct name of the spicy bottle...?!
FERRAGOSTO - What Italy celebrates on 15 August...
The most Italian of all holidays. On 15 August, on Ferragosto, Italy is paralysed. The whole country is off. The motorways are empty, the beaches and mountains are full. But why actually...
Why is the Italian flag green-white-red?
Green like basil, white like mozzarella and red like the sun-ripened tomatoes: Why is the Italian flag actually green-white-red - and since when has it been like that?
GLADIATORS - Superstars in life and death
Every fight can be the last. But gladiators are the superstars of their time. Even today, the fascination for the fighters of Ancient Rome remains unbroken.
The POWER - How Politics Works in Italy
More than 60 governments in 74 years - and yet Italy is considered a stable democracy in Europe. The political system in Italy, a rough overview. 
Map of Italy - 20 regions: Where is it most beautiful?
A quick round of local history: the boot from top to bottom. Italy and its 20 regions, from the Aoasta Valley to Sicily in the south. Italy's map explained in brief.
Nudism & Co. - Real Gaga Laws from Italy
Weird, curious or totally gaga: Welcome to our special ranking of Gaga laws from Italy. Whether kissing, sandcastles or hunting season...
RANKING - The 10 largest cities in Italy
Rome is magnificent, Florence dolce vita, Milan baroque, Naples to die for. Do you know the ten biggest cities in Italy?