Italy's Towns & Villages: BENVENUTI!

The beautiful towns and villages in Italy: travel reports, historical background, lifestyle and more. Come with us through Bella Italia.

ATTENTION, DISCOVERY - The tourist traps in ROME
The eternal city, incredibly beautiful and incredibly old. To have good memories of your visit to Rome, avoid the rip-off traps.
Where everyone wants to go! - The 10 most popular cities in Italy
Be warned: it could get crowded, especially in summer! The 10 most popular cities and places in Italy: This is where many would like to go (at least) once in a lifetime...
HOLIDAY IN RIMINI - The whole story of the Adriatic legend
Quietly and secretly, the legendary place on the Adriatic has given itself a facelift. So much for 80s fustiness and permanent parties. Rimini, the whole story.
Italy's Metropolis - All You Need to Know about MILAN
Italy's economic engine, fashion metropolis, seven universities, gourmet paradise and financial centre: Milan has an incredible number of faces.
HALLOWEEN in Italy - Where it gets really spooky...
The spookiest night of the year. Two places call themselves Italy's Halloween capital. Each region has its own customs around 31 October.
Italy in October - The most beautiful food festivals
October in Italy is for connoisseurs. The weather is mild, the masses of tourists are gone again. From north to south, the time of festivals begins. It's going to be delicious!
No heart attacks! -The gene mutation from Lake Garda
A secluded village, hardly any strangers. In Limone, a gene mutation develops like this: heart attack and stroke impossible!
Rome - What you experience at the Spanish Steps...
Whistles. The carabinieri arrive. Sitting is forbidden on the Spanish Steps in Rome. Hardly anyone complies.
FLORENCE - You will fall in love...
Florence has incredible sights. But the city has even more to offer: Emotions. "Florence embraces you..."
BEST OF WEBCAMS - Italy live here
Bella Vita at home: the most beautiful webcams from Italy. Live pictures from Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre and more. For a short holiday at home...
Coins & Love - Much drama at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
The world star among fountains. 26 metres high, 50 metres wide: The "Fontana die Trevi" is exemplary for splendour and pomp in Rome - and emozioni grandi...
Naples - The Power of the Red Cornicello
It looks like a red chilli. In fact, Naples' traditional good luck charm is a horn. It has to be stiff, hollow, crooked and pointed so that it works against the evil eye...
From JANUARY 2023 - Venice only with ticket
Venice is suffering. 22 million day visitors clog up the city every year. A few quick photos, then off again. The Venice Ticket will be introduced in January.
Your TOP 10! - The most popular villages in Italy
Rome, Venice and Florence are world-famous. But Italy's small towns are also in great demand - and no longer an insider tip. The country's most popular villages...
Best of Florence - The Heart of Tuscany
Florence is world-famous for sights and art. But in fact Florence is even more. Florence is a feeling. See for yourself what that means.
SAN GIMIGNANO - The Manhattan of Tuscany
Just under 8,000 inhabitants and 20,000 tourists on peak days: San Gimignano is in demand! The village is considered the Manhattan of Tuscany.
BELLA VENEZIA - The Curse of Beauty
Venice and the masses: The number of locals is decreasing, the number of guests is increasing, on average three locals move away from the old town every day.