Society and Politics in Italy

Politics and society in Italy, controversial topics. On the one hand, that is 68 governments in 76 years and, on the other, almost 6 million people in poverty.

TOP 10 with money - The richest women in Italy
While Italy's super-rich men make no secret of their billions, see Silvio Berlusconi, the country's richest women are much more discreet.
Social gap - every 10th Italian is poor
Poverty in Italy: The country is the third largest economy in the EU, but many people do not get a piece of the pie. Every tenth person lives in poverty.
ITALY - Where do people live the longest?
In Italy, people live the longest. Il Bel Paese is one of the countries with the oldest population in the world. That also depends on the region...
Italy has voted - This is Giorgia Meloni (45)
The unrest in Italy has come to a (temporary) end: for the first time a woman rules Italy. Giorgia Meloni (45) of the "Fratelli d'Italia", right-wing and radical.
Election result - Italy slides to the far right
The largest party was that of the non-voters. The second strongest party in Italy will be the far-right "Fratelli d'Italia" around Giorgia Meloni (45). Italy has voted.
STUDY - Italy is so divided before the elections
What do people want from politics: A study shows how divided Italy is shortly before the elections. From radical to authoritarian, from anarchist to totalitarian...
Election 2022 - An overview from left to right
According to polls, Italy is facing a shift to the right in the elections on 25 September. About 40 percent of voters are still undecided. An overview: Who is who.
ELECTION IN ITALY - The most important questions on the situation
On 25 September, Italy will vote. According to polls, more than a third of the population is still undecided. The most important questions about the election.
Government crisis - new elections on 25 September
Italy no longer has a captain. Mario Draghi (74) has handed in his resignation. There will be new elections on 25 September. An inopportune time.
ITALY - (Once again) Crisis in Government
Instead of worrying about drought, inflation, energy, Corona consequences and war, Italy has (once again) a government in crisis. What is it about?
The POWER - How Politics Works in Italy
More than 60 governments in 74 years - and yet Italy is considered a stable democracy in Europe. The political system in Italy, a rough overview.