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Avalanche of Death on ISCHIA - The Rage on the Authorities!
Eleven people died in a landslide on Ischia. Illegally built houses are said to be to blame. Before the storm, authorities are said to have ignored warnings.
ISCHIA - Storm with landslide: 11 people die
A mudslide goes off during a bad storm on the Italian island of Ischia. Eleven people die, several people are still missing.
WINTER 2022 - The new heating rules for Italy
Because of the energy crisis, Italy has issued a new heating decree. In the winter of 2022, less heating is to be used. Different rules apply to the regions.
Italy has voted - This is Giorgia Meloni (45)
The unrest in Italy has come to a (temporary) end: for the first time a woman rules Italy. Giorgia Meloni (45) of the "Fratelli d'Italia", right-wing and radical.
Election result - Italy slides to the far right
The largest party was that of the non-voters. The second strongest party in Italy will be the far-right "Fratelli d'Italia" around Giorgia Meloni (45). Italy has voted.
STUDY - Italy is so divided before the elections
What do people want from politics: A study shows how divided Italy is shortly before the elections. From radical to authoritarian, from anarchist to totalitarian...
At least 12 dead - Dramatic storms
At least eleven people have died in the heavy storms in central Italy. The worst rain in 100 years in Italy.
Election 2022 - An overview from left to right
According to polls, Italy is facing a shift to the right in the elections on 25 September. About 40 percent of voters are still undecided. An overview: Who is who.
RESCUE - "My son is only alive because of you".
Last resort Guarda Costiera. On a sailing yacht a boy (15) gets an insulin shock. A life and death mission.
ELECTION IN ITALY - The most important questions on the situation
On 25 September, Italy will vote. According to polls, more than a third of the population is still undecided. The most important questions about the election.
Struggle for existence! - Electricity bills in the shop window
The situation for Italy's gastronomy is dramatic! What the pandemic failed to do, the extreme electricity prices could now do.
CALABRIA -The end of a 40-metre yacht
The journey from Apulia to Sicily was her last! The 40-metre-long "Saga" sank in southern Italy. Passengers and crew were rescued.
Fatal crash - hiker (†30) wants to save mobile phone
A young couple is radiant in the beautiful Vizentine Alps. Shortly afterwards, the man (30) is dead. He wanted to save his girlfriend's mobile...
Storm violence - Two dead and devastation
The weather strikes with concentrated power in northern Italy: a trail of devastation, dozens injured, two dead. The danger is not over yet, experts warn.