Italian lifestyle: that's BELLA VITA!

When Bella Vita meets Dolce Vita: the Italian attitude to life is celebrated all over the world. Italy is everything but boring. Italy is a feeling.

EMOZIONI! - Italian hits to sing along with
Goosebumps, longing and memories you didn't even have. There are the Italian songs that go straight to the heart.
BUONGIORNO! -Why everyone in Italy is a dottore...
Italy without titles is like Italy without spaghetti. In the land of Ferrari, Gucci & Co. it's not simply "Mr" or "Mrs"! A little flattery does not hurt.
"Umarells", the pensioner stars - Look who's looking!
Older gentlemen who observe - when parking, in collisions, but especially on construction sites. The "Umarells" from Bologna are the stars of the scene.
RESEARCHED! - Why Italy speaks with its hands
Full physical effort is also required when speaking in Italy. Scientists have discovered why people in Bella Italia talk with their hands.
CHE BELLO! - Italian wisdom for every situation
Italian wisdom for every situation in life. In this language, wise sayings sound at least twice as beautiful - and usable worldwide...
TOP 10 - Why Italians are the better men...
The footballers look like models, the singers make us cry, even original lover Casanova, was Italian. That's why Italians are the better men...
BEST OF - The Italian Summer Hits 2022
Sun and salt on the skin, hot summer nights and cool drinks - that's what summer in Italy feels like. The most beautiful summer hits, with playlist.
ITALY 2022 - The best summer hits for this holiday
Italy's summer hits. The songs that will forever remind you of this summer. Sun on your skin, salt in the air, the heat of the night. Our current TOP 10.
NEW LOGO - SO the Azzuri fans discuss...
Actually, everything was secret level red - rather blue. But before the official date, the Azzurri's new logo has now been unveiled. The fans discuss...
EMOZIONI! - This is how red Formula 1 is in ITALY...
The roar of Formula 1 can be heard all the way to the railway station in Imola. 100,000 people at the "Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari".
Italy's beaches - Bring back the holiday...
On the beach in Italy - and without sand between your toes. Bring back your summer holiday. The TOP 10 webcams with sea view.
Made with amore - Beautiful words from Italy
Italy has a creative hand when it comes to parlare. So creative, in fact, that some words don't exist in any other language.
Italy's WINTER MAGIC -Best of Christmas Markets
Winter wonderland Italy. From South Tyrol to Sicily, there are wonderful Christmas markets all over the country. A few particularly beautiful ones here.
COMEDY- The five funniest films from Italy
Nervous godfathers, Italian office stallions & the everyday problems of the little man. Our TOP 5 comedy films from and about Italy. Hilarious...
Typically Italian! - The history of the Vespa
Independent at last, free at last. When the Vespa is born, this is the advertisement for Italy's first motor scooter. In 1946, the aircraft manufacturer Enrico Piaggio (†1965) makes Italy mobile.
MAMMA MIA! - Parlare with Passione...
With the vocabulary knowledge from the online course, we can only shine moderately in Italy. Italian is a feeling. A great feeling.
MADE FOR ITALY - More Bella Vita for everyone
Your dose of ITALY: reports, lifestyle & trends, travel tips & MANGIARE. We do it with amore, passione & emozioni grandi...