Mamma mia, MANGIARE: Food in Italy

Food is everything in Italy: pleasure, lifestyle and bliss! Welcome to the food paradise, welcome to Italy! 

Olive oil from Italy - All about the green gold
Italy and the olive trees, an ancient love story. Italian cuisine without olive oil, unimaginable. Today, olives are a billion-dollar business.
EXQUISITE CUISINE - Record! 385 Michelin stars for Italy
A shower of stars for Bella Italia! In the new Michelin Guide, more stars than ever before go to Italy. Almost 400 Italian restaurants have been awarded.
CHEESE LOVE - Buffalo mozzarella, burrata or fior di latte?
It's almost a feeling of being in love when you bite into mozzarella: fresh, creamy milk flavour, delicately melting aromas. Seduction in white.
MEATLESS IN ITALY - Everything for vegans and vegetarians
Depending on which region you are in Italy, you automatically eat vegetarian (or vegan). Everything you need to know about vegans and vegetarians in Italy...
RESTAURANT - How to recognise a "good Italian"!
How to recognise a "good Italian"! The search for a delicious, simply typical Italian restaurant: these tips will help you check out a restaurant again.
FROM NORTH TO SOUTH - Delicious! How Italy eats...
Italian cuisine from north to south: we eat our way through! This is how delicious Bella Italia eats, the regional specialities. Mouth-watering in small bites...
Delicious! - The most popular cheeses in Italy
Cheese is a tasty business in Italy - more than 6 billion euros turnover per year! 22 kilos of cheese are eaten per capita in Italy.
Italy in October - The most beautiful food festivals
October in Italy is for connoisseurs. The weather is mild, the masses of tourists are gone again. From north to south, the time of festivals begins. It's going to be delicious!
Italy's Restaurants - From Pizzeria to Trattoria...
Trattoria, Osteria, Pizzeria, Rosticceria, Ristorante, Paninoteca, Spaghetteria & Co. What kind of dishes do the different types of restaurants in Italy serve?
Pasta, BASTA! - TOP 10: Italy's famous pasta
A plate of pasta is a happy meal. There are more than 600 types of pasta in Italy: do you know the ten most popular ones? The main thing is pasta, basta!
BYE-BYE - US giant Domino's gives up in Italy
The US pizza chain Domino's is pulling out of Italy. In the motherland of pizza, the fast food giant stumbled. Goodbye, Pizza Hawaii...
SHITSTORM - Protests against this "pasta"
A plate of pasta causes an outcry. What is offered as "pasta carbonara" at the University of Leipzig has nothing to do with mangiare.
ITALY'S CUISINE - This is how delicious the Aosta Valley eats
Lots of meat, lots of cheese, cabbage and turnips - there is no pizza or pasta here. The mountain region is a paradise for hearty food. Our series: This is how Italy eats. Today: the Aosta Valley.
SPAGHETTI LOVE - Hard facts about the long pasta
Whether in tomato sauce, alle vongole or simply with butter - a round of spaghetti always goes! But how well do you really know your favourite pasta?
MAMMA MIA - It's all about Mangiare!
A very important topic, if not THE topic in Italy: MANGIARE. EAT! The most important things about breakfast, lunch and dinner...
DINNER DON'Ts - This is how it tastes right in Italy!
In Italy, the fun stops at mangiare. Eating is more than a basic need - it's an attitude to life! If you don't want to attract (unpleasant) attention: our 10 basic rules will help...
BUON APPETITO - Italy's Delicacies for the Brave
The whole world loves Italian cuisine!!! However, there are a few delicacies that divide opinions: from cow's nose to pig's foot. Delicious, or not. Buon Appetito?!