Weather and Climate in Italy

The weather is dramatic in Italy in 2022: the greatest drought since weather records, glacier collapses, algae plagues, alongside the strongest rain flood in 100 years, the deadly mudslide and more. 

Avalanche of Death on ISCHIA - The Rage on the Authorities!
Eleven people died in a landslide on Ischia. Illegally built houses are said to be to blame. Before the storm, authorities are said to have ignored warnings.
ISCHIA - Storm with landslide: 11 people die
A mudslide goes off during a bad storm on the Italian island of Ischia. Eleven people die, several people are still missing.
At least 12 dead - Dramatic storms
At least eleven people have died in the heavy storms in central Italy. The worst rain in 100 years in Italy.
CALABRIA -The end of a 40-metre yacht
The journey from Apulia to Sicily was her last! The 40-metre-long "Saga" sank in southern Italy. Passengers and crew were rescued.
Storm violence - Two dead and devastation
The weather strikes with concentrated power in northern Italy: a trail of devastation, dozens injured, two dead. The danger is not over yet, experts warn.
Intestinal germs in the Adriatic Sea - bathing is allowed again
Disgust alarm on the Adriatic! Around Rimini, on the Riviera Romagnola, the sea had to be closed: too many coli bacteria in the water. All-clear after 24 hours...
INVASION - Jellyfish bloom on the Adriatic Sea
The whole of Italy is currently reporting an unusually high number of jellyfish on the coasts. Particularly affected: the Adriatic Sea. The sea is 5 degrees too warm...
NASA maps - Current fires in Italy
Extreme heat and drought are causing problems in Italy. Again and again there are forest and bush fires. Fire maps are created with NASA data.
NEW HEAT WAVE - Italy dries up...
Drought, heat, forest fires: Italy is struggling with the summer of 2022. There is no relief in sight - on the contrary. The next heat wave will bring up to 50 degrees!
DOLOMITES - 7 dead, 8 injured, 8 missing
Avalanche drama in the Dolomites: At least seven people are dead, 8 injured, 8 missing. A huge glacier chunk had broken loose on the "Marmolata" mountain.
EXTREME THREAT - Soon a state of emergency for the whole of Italy?
The consequences of heat and drought are becoming more and more dramatic. The driest months are still to come. At the beginning of July, Italy is threatened with a national state of emergency.
DROUGHT - How Rimini fights against state of emergency
Water scarcity is currently a daily nightmare in northern Italy. The drought is becoming more and more dramatic. No end to the heat in sight: Rimini prepares...
SARDINIA- Locust tsunami in the centre
Nature is currently striking mercilessly in Italy. Billions of locusts are currently spreading across Sardinia - with a destructive power of fire....
NORTHERN ITALY - State of emergency declared!
The worst drought in 70 years In northern Italy. 40 percent less electricity from the power plants, 30 percent less harvest. State of emergency in Lombardy.
100 DAYS - Northern Italy and the Great Drought
Dramatic drought in northern Italy: the situation is serious. Even Lake Garda, the largest water reservoir in northern Italy, is currently running out of water.