Stars & Starlets: Red Carpet Italy

Welcome to the motherland of the paparazzi. Italy's stars and starlets are asking for it: Italian legends, glamour and the red carpet, the big names and the little ones who still want to be big.

SOPHIA LOREN - The story of a super diva
Sophia Loren (88), the super diva from Italy, A skinny girl from Naples who becomes Hollywood's favourite. In show business for 60 years.
TOP 10! - These Italian films are blockbusters
Great cinema from Italy! Which Italian films have performed best in the cinemas? Here is the current TOP 10 ranking of the most successful movies of all time...
"Umarells", the pensioner stars - Look who's looking!
Older gentlemen who observe - when parking, in collisions, but especially on construction sites. The "Umarells" from Bologna are the stars of the scene.
GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA (†95) - The first Italian super diva: a country takes a bow
Rome - At her greatest times, she made the otherwise undercooled blonde beauties in Hollywood sweat. Gina Lollobrigida was an icon of international cinema.
DUEL OF THE DIVEN- Sophia Loren versus Gina Lollobrigida
A legendary duel of Italian divas begins with a visit to Queen Elizabeth II. Gina Lollobrigida is the uncrowned queen when Sophia Loren takes the stage...
FESTIVAL DI SANREMO - These stars will perform in 2023
Secret level red. Sanremo is the music festival in Italy. Whoever gets to perform here has made it in Italy. The artists' names are a state secret every year.
The Godfather - The Best Quotes from the Mafia Movie
Legendary characters and historical dialogue: "The Godfather" is a classic. This year the mafia film celebrates its 50th birthday. Here are the best quotes...
PESARO EXTREME - Madness with Valentino Rossi
Madness has a name: Valentino Rossi (43). Sweating, pushing, taking a selfie. The inauguration of the world's biggest motorbike helmet in Pesaro.
BEACH VILLA - Oligarch rips off Andrea Pirlo
Even football legends have dreams. Andrea Pirlo (43) always wanted a house in Forte dei Marmi. The star put down half a million. Now this: The villa is confiscated...
RAY-BAN & Co - Italy's eyewear king is dead
The man who turned glasses into luxury products. Leonardo Del Vecchio made it from an orphanage to number 2 on the super-rich list. Italy's king of eyewear is dead.
FLAVIO BRIATORE - Dispute over 65-Euro Pizza
When chic meets tradition. Bon vivant Flavio Briatore under fire. Italy's traditional bakers protest against his "disregard for culture".
KHABY LAME - TikTok King is Italian
As is customary for a king, the client is announced publicly: Citizenship approved. The talk is of Khaby Lame, Italy's TikTok star.
TIKTOK- The best video stars from Italy
Emozioni are definitely there, and often mangiare is also involved. No wonder that the most successful TikToker in the world comes from Italy.
CLAUDIA CARDINALE - Italy's answer to Brigitte Bardot
Her life sounds like a fairy tale from 1000 and one nights. Claudia Cardinale is the Italian answer to Brigitte Bardot. One of Italy's greatest film divas.
VR46 - Italy Cries and Celebrates in Yellow...
The farewell is yellow and hurts. Italy's MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi has his last professional race in his homeland. Emozioni Grandi.