HOLIDAY IN RIMINI - The whole story of the Adriatic legend


A full load of glitz and glamour and the darker side of fame. Rimini has experienced everything you can experience as a holiday resort. In 1843, the Adriatic resort starts out as an exclusive spa for Europe's powerful. 150 years later, Rimini has become the favourite destination of Europe's price-conscious coach holidaymakers. Quietly and secretly, the legendary Adriatic resort has now given itself a facelift. This is what a holiday in Rimini looks like TODAY.

A picture book holiday in Rimini

The start as an elegant spa

Rimini's career starts as a thermal spa. For exclusive clientele, pale ladies from very good families, crowned heads and other powerful people, Rimini officially becomes a "seaside resort" in 1843. The first on the Adriatic coast. The number of guests is elite and manageable. When Rimini is connected to the railway network in 1861, more Italian visitors arrive. The trendy destinations of the time are the seaside resorts of Livorno and Pisa. Rimini upgrades...

A new pier on the beach, a Kursaal - Rimini is losing its image as a dignified thermal resort. Those who belong to high society now holiday in Rimini. In 1908, the Grand Hotel is opened - unique in the world at the time. Europe's chic crowd is on the move. Rimini expands its entertainment programme in the golden 20s. There are balls, parades, concerts and other cultural events during the season. "Il modelo rimanese" is unique in its time. 


This is how mass tourism begins

After the Second World War, the Communist Party wins the election in Rimini. 82 percent of the city is destroyed. The Kursaal is spared from the war. The city authorities have it demolished as a sign of decadence. From now on, Rimini should offer holidays for ALL, especially for the proletariat. Mass is expressly desired. The construction of hotels is being pushed at the time. Many building projects are approved without examination. Rimini is to become the new place for everyone. 

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rimini in the 50s
The Golden 50s in Rimini: a German in Rimini
Photos: Elfie Pertramer, "My first holiday in Italy" (1960)

In the 1950s, "la invasione tedesca", the invasion of the Germans. Thanks to the German economic miracle and the automobile industry. Holidays in Italy are new. German magazines now also warn of an undefined "Oil disease" that you supposedly get from too much olive oil. Italian newspapers inform about German Fräuleins who desire Italian men. German newspapers warn of "Papagallos" who threaten the virginity of German Fräuleins. 

In 1948, 19,000 people come to Rimini on holiday. In 1963 there are already 380,000!!! Half of them from abroad, most of them from Germany. The number increases even more when Rimini is connected to the motorway network in 1966. 

rimini all full
Fully occupied with sunbeds: the beach of Rimini
Photo: runrobiron/Getty Images via

New competition: low-cost airlines

In 1982, the success story was severely curtailed. The first package tours by plane come onto the market. Almost everyone can now afford to travel by air. Rimini was a thing of the past, Mallorca and Benidorm are now on the agenda. Already in the first year, Rimini bookings slump by 20 per cent. In the 90s, Rimini is only a shadow of its former self: Russians are discovered for the Adriatic. For those used to prefabricated buildings, heavy food and cold, Rimini is a paradise.

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The Comeback of a Diva

In May 2011, the democratic politician Andrea Gnassi is elected mayor. He has a vision: Rimini should return to its former glory. Holidays in Rimini should once again have the style that everyone loves.

The plan has worked out in the meantime: Rimini has been given a facelift - only most (foreign) guests don't know about it yet.

The historic buildings in the old town shine in old, new splendour. In addition to its XXL beach, the famous parties, Rimini now also offers a really pretty old town. The beach promenade is elaborately developed, kilometres long and a catwalk for everyone in the evening. In 1989, the University of Bologna opened a branch in Rimini. Now young people are in town all year round. Rimini is alive.

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Fellini is everywhere

The city's most famous son is Federico Fellini (*1920 †1993). Director, filmmaker, world star. Five-time Oscar winner. Father of the millennium film "La Dolce Vita".

"The only true realist is the visionary!"

Federico Fellini
Bruno Zanin
Federico Fellini shooting "Armacorde" with Bruno Zanin
Photo: Bruno Zanin

In August 2021, the Fellini Museum will open - installations in Piazza Malatesta, exhibitions in Castel Sismondo and Palazzo del Fulgor, including glamorous cinema. There are references to the filmmaker all over the city. There are Fellini tours in Rimini that last eight hours.

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Holidays in Rimini: the future?

The word about Rimini's beautiful old town has not yet really spread among most beach guests. "Why are you here?" a retired Lido operator wants to know last summer: "I always wonder why people come. In the past, yes, in the past, the nights were unique. And endless. We sat by the sea at night, sang, bathed. Today, holidays in Rimini are commercial."

sunset in rimini in summer 2022
Sunset and a sea of sunbeds in Rimini

90 per cent of Rimini's kilometre-long beach is full of sunbeds for which a fee is charged. And that is a problem. The days when it was fashionable to lie sunbed to sunbed on the beach are over. Nowadays, many prefer to holiday individually, not in rows. Currently, the prices are exploding. A good 200 euros for two sunbeds for a week is too expensive for many guests, especially the young ones.

The Lido operator (who wishes to remain anonymous) himself makes a revolutionary proposal: "Get rid of half the sunbeds and make the beach free for the young people and families. They can eat with us or buy something to eat. And for our regular guests, everything will remain as it is..."

Rimini Gastromeile
The Gastro Mile in spring...
dinner in rimini
...and in high summer

Excursion tips, arrival & more

Rimini is also history to go. 2045 years ago, Romans called Rimini a Arminium founded. Visible evidence still today: the best-preserved triumphal arch from antiquity, the Arch of Augustus. The Ponte di Tiberio, also called Ponte d'Augusto, is impressive. The Tiberius Bridge still serves its purpose after more than 2000 years, as one of the few original bridges. 

Central squares of the city are the Piazza Cavour & Piazza Tre Martiri. The small colourful fishermen's quarter San Giuliano is really worth seeing on holiday in Rimini with its small houses and alleys. The Youtube video gives a good first impression of a holiday in Rimini in spring.

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Spring in Rimini: Walking Tour


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How beautiful! Here you get an impression of Rimini...

Your holiday in Rimini: Getting there

For many, Rimini is still the classic seaside holiday in Italy. This is how you get there:

  • by train: The train station is centrally located in Rimini, so that you can get further on foot or cheaply by taxi - for example 8 hours from Munich, 5.30 hours from Zurich

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  • by bus: There are more than 20 connections within Italy alone, as well as many tours abroad. The bus station is also centrally located in the city, so it's easy to get around without a car.

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  • by car: 674 kilometres from Munich (remember tolls and Italian fuel prices), 1,400 kilometres from Amsterdam, 519 kilometres from Innsbruck

  • by plane: The cheapest way is usually to Bologna, from the airport it's a good hour by train to Rimini. Rimini itself also has its own small airport, which is mainly used in the season.

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Excursion tips for holidays in Rimini


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What an experience - even for non-Formula 1 fans...!

You can get around the area cheaply by train:

  • z. E.g. in 50 minutes for 7 euros to Imola, to the legendary Formula 1 circuit
  • z. For example, 90 minutes to Bologna, the medieval city and capital of ragù (tomato sauce with pieces of meat).
  • z. e.g. in 60 minutes to the mini-state of San Marino with its beautiful, medieval old town
  • Also in the immediate vicinity are pretty, smaller towns such as Ravenna and Cervia. 

More about excursion destinations for holidays in Rimini also via the official tourism site - HERE

Accommodation check: Holiday in Rimini

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Absolutely recommendable: The Hotel Aria in Viale Dandolo is located between the beach and the old town. You can get everywhere on foot during your holiday in Rimini.

Good morning in Rimini


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Quiet rooms, large balconies. The room and bathroom are very spacious with modern bright furnishings. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. We will definitely come back again.

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Holiday in Rimini: Your accommodation
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written by Annie Kayser, first published 10 May 2022, updated 8 September 2022

Cover/Photo -LA BELLA VITA club

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