DROUGHT - How Rimini fights against state of emergency

Water scarcity is currently a daily nightmare in Northern Italy. The drought is becoming more and more dramatic (we reported). There is no end in sight to the African heat: Rimini is preparing...

The cover picture shows the dried-up Po, here in Lombardy, and an overview of Rimini.

At first glance, everything looks like a normal start to the season on the Adriatic. Guests stroll along the promenade in Rimini's evening sun. The outdoor terraces are well occupied - but the temperature is too hot for this time of year.

Thanks to the dam and the Marecchia and Conca rivers, the province of Rimini does not (yet) have to take drastic measures to save water. The city of Rimini wants to prevent an emergency at all costs.

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Rimini is world famous for its 15 kilometre long beach
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As in other municipalities in Emilia-Romagna, Mayor Jamil Sadegholvaad has therefore now announced a variety of measures: "In this difficult phase, the behaviour of every individual counts in order to avoid water wastage".

The Rimini Water Saving Programme

  • Locals and holidaymakers alike are urged not to take a full bath (shower instead).
  • The water in swimming pools and pools must no longer be changed.
  • Those who have not yet filled their pools will not be allowed to do so until further notice - except with special permission.
  • Dishwashers and washing machines should only run when full.
  • Teeth should not be brushed with the tap running.
  • Locals should check their water pipes and irrigation for leaks.
  • Gardens must not be watered between 8 am and 9 pm.
  • It is forbidden to wash cars.

Non-compliance with the regulations can result in fines of up to 500 euros.


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showering with water saving

The situation in Rimini and the rest of Romagna is less serious than in neighbouring areas, Rimini's mayor told the newspaper "Il Resto di Carlino": "Thanks to the foresight of those who wanted the Ridracoli dam".

Rimini's mayor calls for plans for the future: "The drought will become a constant." Among other things, he advocates the construction of a dam in the Apennines and more waterworks.

The last time tankers had to supply water to parts of the population in Rimini was in summer 2007.

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first published 28 June

Cover/Montage - Photo: Dzmitrock87/Getty Images; Bonottomario/Getty Images via canva.com

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