Storm violence - Two dead and devastation

The cover picture shows the Ferris wheel in Piambino (Tuscany) in the storm (Photo: Twitter/EugenioGiani)

The weather strikes with concentrated power in northern Italy: a trail of devastation, dozens injured, two dead. The danger is not over yet, experts warn.

For months, especially the north of Italy has been suffering from extreme heat and drought. Heavy rain and storms dramatically worsened the situation as of Thursday morning (18 August). High water, flooding, gusts of more than 100 km/h, buildings and cars damaged, beaches devastated.

Tuscany and Veneto declares a state of emergency. The Civil Defence establishes a crisis team. The storm warning for the north is extended until Friday evening (19 August).


Storm tears gondolas off Ferris wheel

The situation is particularly dramatic in Tuscany. A man and a woman are killed by falling trees in the coastal town of Carrara in Tuscany. Dozens of trees collapse at the campsite in Marina di Massa (Tuscany), many injured.

A trail of destruction. 45,000 households are temporarily without electricity in Tuscany.


In Venice, the storm knocks down umbrellas and tables. According to media reports, pieces of the wall of the famous St Mark's Basilica have broken off. Parts of St Mark's Square are temporarily closed for safety reasons.


The situation in Liguria is also dramatic. The railway line southeast of Genoa is temporarily closed due to storm damage. Heavy hailstorms in Liguria affect agriculture in particular.

This is how dramatically the weather deteriorates in 22 seconds

liguria storms
6.55 a.m.: big raindrops....
Screenshots: Facebook/Francesco Morandi
liguria storms
... only 22 seconds later!

On Facebook, a user publishes pictures of the harbour webcam of Sestri Levante in Liguria: Within seconds, the sea becomes a raging sea. Here is the complete video:


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According to the Italian farmers' association Coldiretti, the current hailstorms, storms and floods have destroyed more crops of fruit and vegetables, grape rubs and olive groves.

The reason for the violent storms: Cold air from northern Europe meets warm air in the Mediterranean region. The result is heavy downpours.

France (especially the island of Corsica) and Austria (especially the region of Carinthia) are even more severely affected by the storms than Italy. According to the latest information, eleven people died in the storms.


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first published on 19 August 2022, written by Annie Kayser

Sources: own research; daily press (La Stampa, Corriere della Serra); Facebook, Twitter