NEW LOGO - SO the Azzuri fans discuss...

Actually, everything was secret level red - rather blue. But the sports platform "Footy Headlines" revealed the Azzurri's new logo before the official date. How successful it looks is a matter of debate among Italian fans...

The question many ask themselves: Does a logo with blue Edge and blue World Champion Stars on a blue Jersey sense?

italy national team
The team's Instagram appearance: so far "no comment"...
Screenshot: Instagram/@azzurri

While the border, World Cup stars and Italia lettering are still in gold in the current coat of arms, they will be in blue in future. According to information from Footy Headlines, the background of the coat of arms will be white and no longer blue.

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Visually, this logo is similar to the newly introduced logo of the Italian Football Association.

so reports footy headline
So reports Footy Headlines about the new logo
Photo: Screenshot

The current logo was introduced in 2017 together with the presentation of the new Puma jersey. In 2023, the Italian team will switch to sponsor Adidas and then apparently wants to introduce a new logo (again).

That's what football fans think...

Italy must use the 2006 logo. This new design is absolutely disgusting... The Italy letters are so big, they take up half the crest... The 2006 and Euro 2012 logos were fantastic. This is a huge deterioration."


"I love the new Italy logo"

twitter fan voice

"New Italy logo looks like shit, why do we even need to simplify logos..."

twitter screenshot

"Italy's new logo looks like the big tongue emoji with some stars over it. Something like this..."

Screenshots: Twitter

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polignano a mare
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first published 23 June 2022

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