Italy's beaches - Bring back the holiday...

The beach at the old town of Gallipoli in Puglia

Especially beautiful on the beach - and without sand between your toes!!! Here are our TOP 10 webcams from Italy, all directly on the promenade, all with sea view. Bring back your summer holiday...

So that you know what you're looking at, we've shown you the location of the cameras on the Google Maps marked. You'll probably get the most beautiful view at the very end. Open your eyes and enjoy the full load...

Top 10 live cams from the beach

At the Beach Club at the "Baia Verde" in Gallipoli in Apulia

gallipoli,beach, puglia, Spiaggia libera Baia Verde
The Spiaggia libera Baia Verde in Gallipoli: time to go into the water...

Welcome to the heel of Italy, welcome to Gallipoli, one of the most popular holiday resorts in Puglia. Miles of dream beaches, the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea.

Look, at the Lido in Gallipoli

【LIVE】 Webcam sulla Spiaggia di Gallipoli - Salento | SkylineWebcams

Here at the Beach Club on the "Baia Verde" beach in Gallipoli in Puglia

This webcam on Italy is located at the Beach Club in the centre of the "Baia Verde". The beach here is four kilometres long. By the way, there are enough "free" beach sections on site and good possibilities for parking or bus shuttle through the city.

gallipoli in apulia, webcam from the beach, here on google maps
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Welcome to the rich & famous: Portofino!

sea city landscape vacation
Home of the international chic: Portofino in Liguria
Photo by Domenico Farone on

Located in the Gulf of Tigullio, picturesque Portofino nestles on the coast in Liguria. With just 376 inhabitants, the village should not be underestimated: exclusive boutiques, luxurious yachts and high-class hotels make Portofino the scene of the rich and famous.

Look, the bay of Portofino

Live Cam Portofino | SkylineWebcams

The view of the bay of Portofino in Liguria from the Hotel Splendido - how many yachts are already parked...

But it is not the luxury that makes this place so special. The colourful houses, the small bay, it all looks like something out of a home movie. But everything is real and beautiful...

liguria portofino webcam from the beach
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This view is a World Heritage Site

amalfi amalfi coast architecture bay
The Amalfi Coast counted as a Unesco World Heritage Site, here Positano
Photo by Pixabay on

Formerly a fishing village, today chic: Positano on the southern Italian Gulf of Salerno, the "Pearl of the Amalfi Coast", is a spectacular sight: Steep terraces with pastel-coloured houses, beautiful pebble beaches. In summer, a meeting place for yacht fans, lots of international visitors.

Look, Positano

Live Cam Amalfi | SkylineWebcams

Coveted coastal location: This webcam from Italy is in Positano

The steep alleys with the many stairs require stamina or patience. The view is breathtaking, almost too good to be true.

positano on the amalfi coast in italy
>>> Positano on the Amalfi Coast, here on Google Maps

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Sunny views in Rimini...

Sunset in Rimini
A beach day comes to an end in Rimini

15 kilometres of fine long sandy beach. Welcome to the heart of the Riviera Romagnola, welcome to Rimini. A seaside resort legend for almost 200 years. A view of the famous beach promenade, sea and bathing during the day, nightlife in the evening - at least in summer...

Look, the beach of Rimini

Webcam Rimini | SkylineWebcams

This webcam from Italy is located at the beach of Viserbella di Rimini

Besides the beaches, Rimini also offers many historical sites, beautiful parks, interesting squares and interesting museums.

rimini in italy, the beach
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Strolling along the promenade in Sicily

Marina di Ragusa, Sicily
The golden sands of Marina di Ragusa in Sicily
Photo: maudanros/Getty Images via

Marina di Ragusa is the most popular seaside resort in south-eastern Sicily, mainly because of its fine, golden sand. The beaches have shallow waters, and there is plenty of gastronomic choice along the coast.

Look, Sicily...

Live Cam Marina di Ragusa | SkylineWebcams

Promenade and beach: This webcam from Italy is located at Piazza Malta in Marina di Ragusa, Sicily.

Marina di Regusa is located in the south-east of Sicily in the heart of the Val di Noto. The area is rich in baroque buildings, archaeological sites, ancient culture, beautiful landscapes and culinary delicacies.

marina di ragusa, sicily, webcam, promenade
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Are there still beds available in Jesolo...?

Lido di Jesolo, Beach, Italy
Sunrise at Lido di Jesolo
Photo: Maximastudio/Getty Images via

Jesolo is a small town with 25,000 people and 5 million visitors a year - thanks to its 15 kilometres of golden sandy beach, between shady pine forests and modern lidos. With this webcam from Italy you are right in the middle of it.

Look, on the Lido in Jesolo...


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"Stabilmento Balneare" Oro Beach in Jesolo in Veneto

Jesolo offers something for everyone: beach clubs and parties for the teenagers, barrier-free bathing for seniors, shallow water for the little ones and Bau-Bau-Beach for the four-legged ones.

Jesolo in Veneto, googlemaps
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How quietly Lake Garda rests...

Welcome to the largest lake in Italy! Lake Garda borders three regions of Italy - Veneto, Lombardy and Trentino-Alto Adige. Millions of tourists visit the small villages every year.

daylight idyllic lake garda
The largest lake in Italy: the beautiful Lake Garda
Photo by Pixabay on

This webcam on Italy is located in Torbole on Lake Garda, which is particularly well-known among windsurfers and sailors. The village of 2,900 inhabitants is situated between the shores of Lake Garda, Monte Baldo and the Piana del Sarca plain.

live cam lake garda
The beach promenade of Torbole on Lake Garda, the live cam belongs to the Residence Casa al Sole
lake garda, webcam, italy
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Is the sun shining in Sardinia...?

The Caribbean of the Mediterranean: welcome to Sardinia, Italy's second largest island.

bay beach beautiful blue
Aerial view of Sardinia: look at this water...
Photo by Pixabay on

Bari Sardo, with just under 4000 inhabitants, lies in the fertile valley of the Riu Mannu on the east coast of Sardinia, 16 km south of Arbatax. The protective hills surrounding the town give it a particularly mild climate.

Look, Sardinia...


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On the promenade in Bari Sardo, Sardinia

The three kilometres of sandy beaches at Torre de Bari have been awarded the Blue Flag several times, a seal of quality for particularly good water quality and compliance with strict environmental regulations.

Sardinia, Bari Sardo, Italy, Webcam
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Venere Azzurra in the Gulf of La Spezia

Welcome to Liguria! Venere Azzurra is a village in the municipality of Lerici with a beautiful beach bay in the Gulf of La Spezia.

Look, Liguria...


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In the bay of Venere Azzurra

Definitely have a look (at least via webcam): The Venere Azzurra is one of 13 municipalities that take part in the "Palio del Golfo", a rowing competition that takes place on the first Sunday in August.

liguria beach
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Look at the water in Tropea...

WARNING: This live camera makes you want to go on holiday. Not that we didn't warn you. Welcome to the truly wonderful, beautiful Tropea in Calabria.

Look, Tropea...

【LIVE】 Webcam Tropea | SkylineWebcams
tropea in calabria in italy
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