CONTROL - Traffic on Amalfi Coast greatly reduced

Access control via number plate: As the Amalfi Coast groans under tourist crowds in summer, the world-famous coastal road will be partially closed this year for the first time. The info...

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Amalfi Coast is threatened by a motorcade. Almost 4,000 people live in places like Positano on the Amalfi Coast. In summer, thousands of tourists come there - every day. Tour buses every ten minutes.

The picturesque coastal road has become a curse for the locals. We are talking about the world-famous Strade Statale 163 between Meta di Sorrento and Vietri sul Mare.

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That's why millions want to come here every year....
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Decide indicator

From now on, the numbers on the number plate determine whether you are allowed to pass, according to the local newspaper "Positano News". On odd days, only cars with odd numbers in their number plates are allowed to pass, on even days, only cars with even numbers in their number plates are allowed to pass.

In July, the regulation only applies for the weekend. In August, the regulation applies from Monday to Sunday. Exceptions: Residents, local public transport and taxis. Two-wheelers are also not affected.

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The route is literally breathtaking
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Travellers passing through could use the motorway road as a bypass. Those who spend their holidays directly on the coast cannot avoid the Strada Statale 163. The amount of the fine for violations is not yet known.

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first published 22 June 2022

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