Football in Italy - The AZZURRI Quiz: Are you fit?

Football in Italy is either bliss or drama, there is nothing in between. How well do you know the Italian kickers, how fit are you with football in Italy?!

Find out with the AZZURRI quiz. Ten quick questions, ten quick answers - how many of them are correct?

Let's go with "AZZURRI, the football quiz".


The round always has to go into the square. In Italy, football is often drama, but much more often pure luck. If food is one passion in the Bel Paese, then football is the other.


azzurri at the em, football in italyitaly becomes european champion: football in italy

>> In 2021, Italy will sensationally become European Football Champion


It is well known that Italy has won the World Cup four times. What else do you know about the Italian footballers? Find out with our AZZURRI basic quiz!

P. S. In case you want to know why the national team is called "Azzurri", continued here. 

Except Italian football: This still exists... in Italy is not your topic at all? Then take a look at the categories "Awareness of life & everyday life" over. The theme is virtually everything to do with the Bella Vita in Italy: Why Italy speaks with its handsThere are, by the way, two scientific theories for this, which are Most beautiful webcams of Italian beaches or the Phenomenon of the Umarellsthe standing pensioner. Everything is typical of Italy.

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Mamma mia, mangiare! and sport in Italy is exactly your topic?! Then you'll find more here: Why do the Italian national players wear blue at all? and how do you find the new logo of the Azzurri? But Italy is also motorsport. We were live at the Formula 1 in Imola and have MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi with thousands of other fans.

Italy's cities

Italian cities are among the most beautiful in the world. Come with us on a round trip through il Bel Paese. The Adriatic Legend Rimini has changed incredibly in recent years, the whole story. We have seen the darker side of the Tourism in Venice By the way, from 2023 onwards, day visitors will need a Admission ticket. Live Italian life can be experienced at sunset on the Spanish Steps in Rome, great cinema.

Apart from football in Italy: Our latest reports

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written by Pietro Perroni, first published on 2 October

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