PASTA-QUIZ - How well do you know Italian pasta?

Lasagne, spaghetti, penne or tortellini: How good do you taste pasta from Italy? Are you a real connoisseur or do you just enjoy everything? - no matter what kind of pasta is on your plate at the moment. Find out with our pasta quiz. Forewarning: hunger comes with the puzzle. Buon Appetito...

The numbers vary: there are said to be between 350 and 600 types of pasta. As a rule, every region, actually even every village in Italy has its very own way of making its pasta. The best thing: it's all so incredibly delicious! Let's start with the first question. Let's start very simply. The correct answers come at the very end...

The Pasta Quiz

Italy, Arabia or China: for decades, researchers argued over which region of the world pasta was invented in. In 2010, evidence of 4000-year-old pasta was found during excavations in China. Allegedly, the Italian trader Marco Polo only brought pasta to Italy in the 13th century. But Cicero wrote about the production of pasta in Italy more than 2,000 years ago, and there were also ancient findings.

The Duel of the Italian Divas: Sophia Loren versus Gina Lollobrigida

It is now believed that people all over the world experimented with the grain and pasta was thus developed independently in several regions, including Italy, of course.

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The pasta gallery: always nice as dente...


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