AMALFI COAST - Bikini ban: 500 euro fine

The Italian heat is one thing. Decency is another. Because too many guests walked half-naked through Sorrento, the mayor has now issued dress codes. Toplessness and bikinis are now forbidden off the beach...

From now on, if you just want to grab a panino or an ice cream for the beach, you'll have to put something on when you're out and about in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast. The nudity of visitors has increased so much this summer that Mayor Massimo Coppola has set up dress codes. 

group of women wearing bikini on body of water
Bikinis are now only allowed on the beach and in the water in Sorrento
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On the one hand, the mayor fears for the good reputation and quality of life of his small town, and on the other hand, nudity "causes discomfort and unease" among the locals:

"For the majority of my constituents, bikini or topless walkers offend the decency that characterises civilised coexistence," Coppola told the English newspaper Times. 

From now on, the local police have an extra eye on naked skin. If you are caught strolling half-naked, fines of up to 500 euros are possible. Sorrento is not an isolated case. In Praia a Mare (Calabria), wearing inappropriate clothing and even walking barefoot is also prohibited. In Rapallo (Liguria) there are extra street signs with clothing rules.

Here is Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast

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Incredibly beautiful: the Amalfi Coast in Campania
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written by Anni Kayser, first published on 11.7.22

Cover/Collage - Photos: Netfalls; wlablack/Getty Images via

Sources: own research; The Times/Philip Willan: "Mayor outlaws bikinis to spare Sorrento's blushes - Tourists threatened with €500 fines in Italian resort town".