Struggle for existence! - Electricity bills in the shop window

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The situation for Italy's restaurants is dramatic: what the pandemic failed to do, skyrocketing electricity prices could now do in Italy. It's a matter of financial survival! Everyone can see that in the shop window...

Let invoices speak! The Italian Chamber of Commerce Confcommercio has launched the campaign "bollette in vetrina" has been launched. Italy's restaurateurs are currently displaying their current electricity bills in their shop windows. For some restaurants, the bill has risen by more than 300 per cent.

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Protest actions are currently taking place all over Italy
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This is how much electricity prices are rising in Italy

In July 2021, the owner of a pizzeria, Alberto Ravo from Cremona, paid 1,350 euros for electricity. In July 2022, it was 4,058 euros! Now a Pizza Margherita in his "Funky Gallo" no longer costs 5 euros, but 10 euros - with a heavy heart. Either the customers will follow suit or he will have to close down. His plus-300 per cent electricity bill hangs in the shop window.

The situation at Gualserio Zamperini's Gran Caffè San Marco in Florence is just as threatening. A year ago, his monthly electricity bill was 4,890 euros. Currently it is 22,105 euros!!! The future, currently more than uncertain.


"A large-scale campaign is being launched to make citizens and guests at bars and restaurants aware of the dramatic situation in which businesses find themselves," says Aldo Cursano, Vice of the Italian Chamber of Commerce FIPE about the rising electricity prices in Italy.

According to the association, the government's measures so far are completely flawed. "If the government does not intervene, the owners of the pubs will either have to continue raising prices or go out of business," it predicts.

While the politicians are ringing in the election battle, Italy's restaurateurs feel left alone to the maximum....

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Without electricity prices: Current stories from Italy

written by Annie Kayser, first published on 27 . August

Source: own research; Confcommercio; Italy: electricity bills in the shop window