QUIZ! Italy's geography - Do you know where anything is?

A round of local history: Italy's geography - do you know where anything is? Find out with our Italy quiz. Ten quick questions, ten quick answers, but how many of them are correct?

A round of local history...


Let's start with the quiz "Italy's geography: where is what?": a little bit of rivers, a little bit of cities, a little bit of regions. How well do you know Italy, do you know where anything is?


Venice gondola ride, soon only with entrance feesummer title 2022Beach booking is forbidden in Italy, here Campania, Policastro


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Italy, Geography criss-cross

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Map of Italy: The 20 regions

Map Italy
Italy from North to South: Geography as a Boot
Photo: LorenzoF06/wikimedia Italia

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Italy's geography, and what else?

If you fancy more Italy, then take a look here: Under "Facts & History" you will learn that the Gladiators in Antiquity were flabby rather than well-toned, plus there are details of the Italia travels of the Queen. On the subject of cities, you might be interested to know that Venice from 2023 an admission ticket gets and we were on the Spanish Steps at sunset - Sitting is actually forbidden here, but everyone sat. Until the police came.

St Mark's Basilica, Venice, Italy
What do you prefer: City...
Beach booking is forbidden in Italy, here Campania, Policastro
...or beach?

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Motorsport in Italy is also suitable for those who are not actually interested in motorsport. Such an array of emotions, passion and great show is impressive, including the performance of the "Frecce Tricolori", the truly breathtaking aerobatic squadron of the Italian Air Force. Formula 1 in Imola live is a state of emergency - in our country with constant rain and mud. MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi creates a state of emergency every time.

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A few words in conclusion...

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