RESCUE - "My son is only alive because of you".

You can see the video of the rescue below

Photo: Guardia Costiera/Twitter

Last resort Guardia Costiera. On a sailing yacht a boy (15) gets a sugar shock. Danger to life! Mission for the coast guard...

Theo's dramatic rescue in pictures
A coast guard rescuer ropes down onto the sailboat....
Screenshots: Guardia Costiera/Twitter

"You are the reason why Theo is still here"

It's been a few days since her son's rescue, but now the British mother has thanked the coastguard in Italy:

"I am the happy mother of Theo, a 15-year-old boy who has his whole life ahead of him, only thanks to your great team who saved him.

dramatic deployment of the coastguard
...and brings the boy upstairs with him

The professionalism, training and timely efforts of your wonderful team are the only reason he is still here."

dramatic deployment of the coastguard
The child seems unconscious

What happened. The British family is on a sailing trip in mid-August when their 15-year-old son Theo gets an insulin shock. His life is in danger: Theo needs medical help as soon as possible. The nearest coast, the island of Ponza in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is too far away.

dramatic deployment of the coastguard
Arrived at the helicopter...
dramatic deployment of the coastguard
...Further treatment in hospital

Severely low blood sugar can lead to fainting in people with diabetes. There is a risk of respiratory and circulatory failure.

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The rescue in video: The Coast Guard in Italy

Mission for the coast guard in Italy. The crew of the Nemo 11-07 helicopter is Theo's only chance. A boat would be too slow. A rescuer rappels down and takes the boy on board. On land, the child receives further successful treatment at the military airport, Latina.

A rescue with a happy ending.


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written by Pietro Perroni, first published on 2 September 2022

Cover photo: Collage - Guardia di Costiera/Twitter

Sources: Guardia di Costiera; Twitter