LA BELLA VITA CLUB, the lifestyle label for Italy

Enjoy life to the fullest - enjoy it the Italian way: wild, colourful, passionate and with a lot of feeling. Benvenuti at LA BELLA VITA Club, the label for extravagant STATEMENT bags à la Italy.

We create extravagant designs that make life colourful - absolute eye-catchers with a message.

Bags for Italy!

Our inspiration: longing! This is what happens when Italians and lovers of Italy live more than 1000 kilometres away from Italy. The love. The passion. The emozioni grandi.

LA BELLA VITA club is based in Cologne in Germany. (Cologne, by the way, was the second city founded by the Romans). Our cosy little label works with Italian and Italy-loving creatives.

Each of our bags for Italy is unique - after your order, the fabric is printed and the bag is sewn by hand. The exclusive bag production is carried out by our partner in Latvia/European Union. Fair wages and working conditions - fairness deserves its price.

As we are a small label, we have no stock. Each Italian-style bag is made to customer order - your personal one-of-a-kind. We manufacture just in time.

Please note, therefore, that we cannot offer exchanges - except, of course, in the case of production errors and defects. P.S. The environment is happy about it too.

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In our Italy magazine you will find all the topics that interest you: Self-experiments (we go to the Formula 1 in Imola, meet MotoGP superstar Valentino Rossi), report from cities like Florence or Rome and in the end, of course, it's all about Food.

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