SHITSTORM - Protests against this "pasta"

A plate of pasta causes an international outcry. Because what is offered as "pasta carbonara" at the University of Leipzig has nothing to do with Italian pasta. Mangiare nothing to do.

It all starts on the Twitter portal "MensaScran". The social media channel (almost 10,000 followers) documents student food worldwide: What do young academics get as nourishment in the canteens - from good to bad!  

This photo from Leipzig (Germany) now takes the cake - shared more than 1000 times, it is also spread by other social media channels.

mensa food from germany
Bon appétit?! Pasta with very pale sauce Screenshot: Twitter/@MensaScran

At the almost 700-year-old university in Leipzig, students are served pale penne with paste-like sauce as "pasta carbonara". Not only does this pasta dish taste like nothing at all, it strikes at the heart of the Italian soul. Shitstorm on the internet!

"This is not only a crime against Italy. It is also a crime against humanity", "Why Germany? Why???", "Wars have been started over less":

spaghetti carbonara
This is what spaghetti alla carbonara actually looks like: Spaghetti, egg, bacon
Photo: maumapho/Getty Images Signature via

The comments are a mixture of horror and incredulous bewilderment. "If I served this to my dog, he would spit in my face," writes one. 

Uwe Kubaile, the canteen manager in charge, is said to be unconcerned: "The Studentenwerk runs canteens, not Italian gourmet restaurants," he is said to have told the German Bild-Zeitung. Well get it...

As you probably know: real carbonara is made with egg, pecorino (cheese) and guanciale (bacon from the pork cheek, air-dried, in the middle one or more layers of muscle meat) - and of course with spaghetti. No cream, no ham.

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written by Pietro Perroni, first published 31.7.22

Cover picture: Screenshot from Twitter/MensaScran

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