All for clicks?! - Millions celebrate this "love

The man on his knees, a ring in his hand, plus a good dozen red heart balloons. Not a particularly imaginative marriage proposal. But the love of Giuseppe and Milina from Naples is clicking: More than 73 million people watch their video...

Giuseppe is 19 and Milina 74. How real is this "love": the story behind the story:

instagra,m application, love makes clicks, italy
Romance in red: attention around every heart
Photos: Instagram/_peppe_danna_
instagram, love makes clicks, italy
The age difference is obvious

"Always choose what makes you happy. I CHOOSE YOU"Giuseppe writes on the photo of his apparent proposal that he posts on Instagram. Almost 1500 likes, 74 mostly well-wishing congratulations. But how violent is the reaction to Tiktok: more than 70 million people celebrate this love - and click on the video!!!

The marriage proposal on Tiktok

tiktok proposal, italy, love, clicks, social media
If you click on the video, you will come to Tiktok

Love for clicks: What's behind the story?

The dissolution of the supposed romance is just as spectacular as the proposal to Tiktok -. LIVE on the daily Italian afternoon show "Pomeriggio Cinque". (translated "Afternoon Five") on Canale 5.

An audience of millions learns in the programme that Milena is actually Giuseppe's grandmother.t!!!

The resolution live on television

If you click on the video, you will come to Tiktok

With this spectacular action, the grandson simply wanted to say thank you and show his grandmother how great his love really is - it has nothing to do with clicks, he says on TV. The widow deserves everything that her husband can no longer give her.

Real clicks, true love?

Some comments suggest that Giuseppe simply wanted maximum attention with the fake marriage proposal. A contact for advertising enquiries is given on his profile, just in case.

The fact is in any case: Giuseppe obviously loves his grandma. His entire Tiktok channel is an ode to the elderly lady. The two of them go to the hairdresser, try on evening dresses, eat, shop, style. Let's give them a little (love) attention...

P.S. For the sake of correctness: The video has been viewed 73 million times. This does not automatically mean that 73 million people have seen the film. Double counting is possible. But in any case it was millions...


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written by Pietro Perroni, first published on 9 June 2022

Source: Canale 5: "Pomeriggio Cinque"; Tiktok/@milina_gatta; Instagram