BYE-BYE - US giant Domino's gives up in Italy

The US pizza chain Domino's is withdrawing from Italy. In the motherland of pizza, the fast food giant stumbled. Goodbye, Pizza Hawaii...

Domino's claims to have more than 19,000 branches in more than 90 countries. Now, of all places, it is no longer in Italy. The chain has closed all its branches there, as reported by Bloomberg, among others.

After seven years, the pizza ovens go out. Goodbye Pizza Hawaii, pepperoni, pineapple and cheese-filled crust. The US versions of the pizza found only moderate sales. When virtually all restaurants offered delivery service during the pandemic, that was supposedly the death blow.

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The US giant actually had big plans for Bella Italia. 880 pizza branches were to be built. In fact, only 29 branches were opened, and in the end only 13 were still open. 

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Domino's Italy franchisee ePizza had already filed for insolvency in April, at the same time discontinuing a large part of its service. The last grace period expired at the end of July. 

In 2015, the first shop opened in Milan. Branches followed in the north in Turin, Bologna, Parma and then Rome. Domino's never ventured to Naples, the birthplace of the Pizza Margherita, during its brief Italian sojourn.

By the way, Domino's is doing extremely well in Germany. Extravagant insider tips on the menu there are - attention, please - the variants "Crazy Dogs", pizza with sausages, Danish gherkins, ketchup, remoulade and fried onions, as well as "Bombay", topped with chicken, pineapple, curry sauce and broccoli...


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